Equipments and consumables for the electronics and microelectronics
Equipments and consumables for the electronics and microelectronics

METRONELEC : equipments and consumables for electronics and microelectronics

METRONELEC was founded in July 1979, as a branch of ANGLADE SA specialist in soldering equipment’s and exclusive distribution for France of FRY’S METRAL (UK) inventor of the WAVE SOLDERING machine for Printed Circuit Assemblies.


METRONELEC activity was originally dedicated to the development, the manufacturing and the marketing of the unique solderability tester “MENISCOGRAPHE” for quantitative measurement of electronic Semi-conductors solderability, complying with European and Internationals Standards (IPC, IEC, MIL…).


In 1985, METRONELEC’s turnover increased very rapidly when it took over the whole department of Hybrid Microelectronic Distribution from ANGLADE/FRY’s (COOKSON GROUP) and became distributor for leading equipment’s and consumables manufacturers in electronic assemblies.

Metronelec is now manufacturer of a full range of tests equipment (wetting balance, ionic contamination testers…) and distributor in France and North Africa for companies which are leaders in their activity such as Dage/Nordson, HumiSeal, Loctite/Multicore, Parmi, Finetech, FiconTEC, …. Metronelec is a major distributor in electronic and microelectronic fields and is an active member of the French electronic trade association “GFIE” (, and IPC association (

METRONELEC has two subsidiaries, one in China (Shanghai) and one in Tunisia (Tunis).




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